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Steve Duck is a social psychologist.

Biographical informationEdit


Ph.D. University of Sheffield, UK


Currently Professor of Communication Studies and the Daniel and Amy Starch Research Chair at the University of Iowa.

Main areas of interestEdit

Communication processes in relationship development and disintegration, with an emphasis on everyday communication in the context of personal relationships.

Funded grantsEdit


Editorial board/consulting editorEdit

Founding editor of the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships

Association affiliationsEdit

See alsoEdit



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Book ChaptersEdit

  • Duck, S.W. arid Miell, D.E. (1984) Towards an understanding of relationship development and breakdown. In: H. Tajfel, C. Fraser and J. Jaspars (eds) The Social Dimension: European Perspectives on Social Psychology, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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  • Duck, S.W. (1980) Personal relationships in the 1980s: toward an understanding of complex human sociality, Western Journal of Speech Communication 44: 114-19.
  • Duck, S.W. and Sants, H.K.A. (1983) On the origin of the specious: are personal relationships really interpersonal states? Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology 1: 27-41.

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