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Steve Biddulph (born 1956) is an influential Australian author, activist and psychologist who has written a number of influential books and now speaks world wide. He has also been active on Australia's treatment of refugees, particularly those in immigration detention. He lives in Evandale, Tasmania, with his wife and co-author Shaaron Biddulph.

He has written a controversial book on Nursery school (in other places also referred to as "childcare") Raising Babies - Should Under 3's Go to Nursery?, published in England, in which he argues that institutional childcare is often inadequate, and largely undesirable, for babies.


His books include:

  • Raising Babies - Should Under 3's Go to Nursery? (2006)
  • The Secret of Happy Children[1] addressing what he saw as negative parenting strategies
  • More Secrets of Happy Children[2] advocates firm non-violent parenting and argues child care is not appropriate for under twos.
  • The Making of Love[3] provides strategies for couples and argues that most divorces were preventable and needless.
  • Manhood[4] from a mythopoetic and men's liberation perspective argued for the importance of fathers, the need for them to engage with their children, to reconcile with their own fathers and the need for changes in social and workplace demands to facilitate this.
  • Raising Boys[5] presented strategies for parents to address the specific issues of parenting boys, with a chapter addressing single mothers. (A number one bestseller in a number of countries including Australia, Brazil, Ireland and Japan).

He co-leads and funds the SievX National Memorial Project, to remember, and help the survivors of the sinking of the SIEV X, (people smugglers overloaded the Siev X and 353 refugee mothers, fathers and children died under suspicious circumstances on a vessel trying to reach safety in Australia).

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