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Stevan Harnad

Professor Stevan Harnad

Professor Stevan Harnad (Hernád István, Hesslein István) - born 1945 in Budapest - is a Hungarian-born cognitive scientist. He did his undergraduate work at McGill University and his graduate work at Princeton University. He is currently Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Science at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and Professor of Cognitive Science at the University of Southampton. He is also an External Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

His research is on categorisation, communication, and cognition.

He is founder and editor of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, a journal published by Cambridge University Press, Psycoloquy, an electronic journal sponsored by the American Psychological Association, and CogPrints, an electronic preprint archive in the cognitive sciences. He is also moderator of the American Scientist Open Access Forum.

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