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The Association for the Stepchildren of the State is a Swedish human rights organisation was founded 2004 and will support the interest and rights for statehome-children and foster children.

Stepchildren of the State runs a website which also includes an English sector for international visitors. The association Stepchildren of the State inform on the website that they shall stand up for fundamental human rights and all human beings equal value.


  • To be a supportive and encouraging organisation for present and previous state home children and foster children and other closely related individuals.
  • To work for redress to children or families (or today grown up individuals) that has been object for violation, offence and other bad treatment in Swedish state homes, foster homes and other child care institutions, public as well as private. The work for redress also applies on wrong and bad treatment for individuals in contact with responsible authorities.
  • By opinion and information give public attention to missconditions, structural problems and imperfections in the system and policy regarding the social authorities work when children are taken into custody and separated from its family.

The objectives of the charities work shall be guided and influenced by the following international declarations and conventions on human rights:

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