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Primary and Secondary Data Edit

Data can be classified as either primary or secondary.

The word "data" is the plural of datum (Latin: the given [thing]), and therefore one should say for example, "the data are" and not "the data is". It is very regrettable that even school teachers and others who have spent a lifetime in statistics make this elementary jarring mistake.

Primary Data Edit

Primary data means original data that have been collected specially for the purpose in mind.

Research where one gathers this kind of data is referred to as field research .

For example: a questionnaire.

Secondary Data Edit

Secondary data are data that have been collected for another purpose and where we will use Statistical Method with the Primary Data. It means that after performing statistical operations on Primary Data the results become known as Secondary Data.

Research where one gathers this kind of data is referred to as desk research .

For example: data from a book.

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