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The State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) was developed by C D Spielberger and R L Gorsuch and published in 1983 by Consulting Psychologists Press as a measure of anxiety. It is now distributed by Mind Garden, Inc.

Spielberger, like Raymond Cattell and others before him, made the conceptual distinction between chronic or trait anxiety (a general propensity to be anxious) and temporary or state anxiety (a temporary state varying in intensity). To measure these concepts, he developed the State Trait Anxiety Inventory.

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Spielberger, C D Gorsuch, R L (1983). Manual for the State-trait anxiety inventory (form Y) ("self-evaluation questionnaire"). Palo Alto, CA : Consulting Psychologists Press. OCLC: 12352189

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A Web-based scoring tool for STAI Form Y (has been used in research).

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