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Psychologists should:

  • Practice within the boundaries of their competence.
  • Adhere to the Society's policies regarding Continued Professional Development.
  • Remain abreast of scientific, ethical, and legal developments relevant to their professional activities, with further sensitivity to ongoing developments in the broader social, political and organisational contexts in which they work.
  • Seek consultation and supervision when indicated, particularly as circumstances begin to challenge their scientific or professional expertise;
  • Engage in additional areas of professional activity only after obtaining the knowledge, skill, training, education, and experience necessary for Competent, functioning.
  • Remain aware of and acknowledge the limits of their methods, as well as the limits of the conclusions that may he derived front such methods under different circumstances and for different purposes.
  • Strive to ensure that those working under their direct supervision also comply with each of the requirements of this Standard and that they are not required to work beyond the limits of their competence.

NB The above standards are based on the Code of Ethics and Conduct published by BPSin 2006.

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