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Psychologists should:

  • Remain aware of the problems that may result from dual or multiple relationships, for example, supervising trainees to whom they are married, teaching students with whom they already have a familial relationship, or providing psychological therapy to a friend.
  • Avoid forming relationships that may impair professional objectivity or otherwise lead to exploitation of, or conflicts of interest with, a client.
  • Clarify for clients and other relevant parties the professional roles currently assumed and conflicts of interest that might potentially arise.
  • Refrain from abusing professional relationships in order to advance their sexual, personal, financial, or other interests.
  • Recognise that conflicts of interests and inequity of power may still reside after professional relationships are formally terminated, such that professional responsibilities may still apply.

NB The above standards are based on the Code of Ethics and Conduct published by BPSin 2006.

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