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Psychology Degree and Diploam Courses in Sri Lanka

Colombo Institute of Research & PsychologyEdit

The Colombo Institute of Research & Psychology offers a range of Certificate and Diploma level programs in several fields of Psychology.

Diploma in General Psychology,Diploma in Clinical & Abnormal Psychology,Diploma in Child Psychology, Diploma in Organizational Psychology and Diploma in Criminal & Forensic Psychology, Diploma in Counsleing & Psychotherapy and Diploma in Health Psychology are few of these programs.

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CIRP also offers a B.Sc. (Hon) in Psychology in partnership with University of Hertfordshire. After completing the Higher National Diploma offered by CIRP, which is 18 months, students are eligable to enter the final year of the degree program at University of Hertfordshire, UK.

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CIRP also houses a London A/L section that offers both CIE & Edexcel syllabuses in a range of subjects. And it is an attched internationl centre of both Cambridge University International Exminations and Edexcel International Examinations.

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Colombo Institute of Research & Psychology is recognized as an awarding body by Tretiary & Vocational Training Commission of Sri Lanka and Maldivian Qualification Authority.

CIRP is the only private academic research institute in Sri Lanka.It has a counsleing and a psychotherapeutic centre that provides students to observe and learn skills and techniques required to become a professional in related fields of psychology.

CIRP is located in the heart of the capital Colombo and the institute is equipped with all modern facilities required for learning psychology in terms of both theoritical and pratical aspects. Lectures are conducted by qualified and experienced academics and professional in the field and CIRP provides Library and labortary facities for its students which in not provided by many sri lankan private educational institutes.

Telephone : 0094 112584889 E mail :

Web Address: 34 1/1 De Vos avenue Colombo 04 Sri Lanka

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