Reinke's Edema
ICD-10 J38.4
ICD-9 478.6
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Reinke's Edema, also known as polypoid degeneration, is the swelling of the vocal folds due to fluid collection (edema).

Reinke's Edema causes the vocal folds to bilaterally swell giving them an uneven, sac-like appearance. Individuals with Reinke's Edema typically have low-pitched, husky voices.

Common causes of Reinke's Edema include smoking, gastroesophageal reflux, hormonal changes such as hypothyroidism and chronic voice abuse.

The first course of treatment is to remove the source of the irritant (e.g. smoking cessation, vocal rest, etc.). This can be effective if done soon after development of the edema. Surgery is also an option and can result in some restoration of the voice but is ineffective in complete restoration of the voice to its original state.

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