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Specific areas of interest in the history of psychology

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See the article History of psychology for a general acount This is the place for more specific accounts of the history of psychology in particular areas of interest.

The development in any particular country should be found in that countries entry under world psychology

General articles on the history of psychology

Historical events by year on a timeline of each century

The significant events in psychology are collected into an article for each year and are indexed by century

Category:19th century

Category:20th century

Category:21st century

This is the place for more general accounts of the history of psychology and its areas of interest.

The development in any particular country should be found in that countries entry under world psychology

History within specialist areas of psychology

History of biological psychology

History of experimental psychology

History of clinical psychology

History of educational psychology

History of the psychological study of language

History of personality psychology

History of organizational & industrial psychology

History of social psychology

History of transpersonal psychology

History of psychology by country

History of other aspects of psychology

Other history of interest

See also

Archives of the History of American Psychology Biographical dictionaries of psychologists

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Key texts - Papers

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