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somatostatin receptor 1
Symbol(s): SSTR1
Locus: 14 q13
EC number [1]
EntrezGene 6751
OMIM 182451
RefSeq NM_001049
UniProt P30872
somatostatin receptor 2
Symbol(s): SSTR2
Locus: 17 q24
EC number [2]
EntrezGene 6752
OMIM 182452
RefSeq NM_001050
UniProt P30874
somatostatin receptor 3
Symbol(s): SSTR3
Locus: 22 q13.1
EC number [3]
EntrezGene 6753
OMIM 182453
RefSeq NM_001051
UniProt P32745
somatostatin receptor 4
Symbol(s): SSTR4
Locus: 20 p11.2
EC number [4]
EntrezGene 6754
OMIM 182454
RefSeq NM_001052
UniProt P31391
somatostatin receptor 5
Symbol(s): SSTR5
Locus: 16 p13.3
EC number [5]
EntrezGene 6755
OMIM 182455
RefSeq NM_001053
UniProt P35346

There are five known somatostatin receptors:[1]

All are G protein-coupled seven transmembrane receptors.


  1. Hoyer D, Bell GI, Berelowitz M, Epelbaum J, Feniuk W, Humphrey PP, O'Carroll AM, Patel YC, Schonbrunn A, Taylor JE (1995). Classification and nomenclature of somatostatin receptors. Trends Pharmacol. Sci. 16 (3): 86-8.

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