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The Society of Experimental Social Psychology (SESP) is a scientific professional organization of social psychologists. SESP has over 700 members worldwide.


The organization was founded in 1965 with a goal of advancing and communicating theories in social psychology. Its first chairperson was Edwin P. Hollander.[1]


Membership is by nomination only and is typically exclusive. Nominees are limited to psychologists who are at least five-years post-PhD and have authored at least five papers in top social psychology journals (e.g., the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology).[2] Notable early members included Solomon Asch, Leon Festinger, Harold Kelley, and Stanley Schachter.[3] Its current executive officer is Charles Stangor.[4]


The official journal of SESP is the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, one of the field's top journals.[5][6] It is published by Elsevier and its current editor is Joel Cooper. In 2009 they announced the publication of a new journal, Social Psychological and Personality Science, a short report journal modelled after journals like Science and Psychological Science. Publication is slated to begin in January 2010.[7]

SESP also holds an annual conference.

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