The Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (SSIB) is an organization committed to advancing scientific research in the study of ingestion both on on food and fluid intake and its associated biological, psychological and social processes. The Society provides a multidisciplinary environment for the free exchange of ideas and information, and serves as a resource for scientific expertise and education on topics related to the study of ingestive behavior.[1]

Its approximately 600 members hail from many different nations[2] and include psychologists, neuroscientists, psychiatrists, physiologists, nutritionists, food scientists, and many others who are interested in research on eating and drinking. Thus, the organization is quite interdisciplinary.

SSIB's origins can be traced to the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association where it was a satellite meeting. Its first independent meeting occurred in 1992 at Princeton University and it has held an annual meeting since in various locations in the United States, Europe, and Canada.

Meetings Edit

Year City Year City
1992 Princeton, New Jersey 1993 Oxford, England
1994 Hamilton, Ontario 1995 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
1996 Banff, Alberta 1997 Baltimore, Maryland
1998 Pécs, Hungary 1999 Clearwater, Florida
2000 Dublin, Ireland 2001 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2002 Santa Cruz, California 2003 Groningen, Netherlands
2004 Cincinnati, Ohio 2005 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2006 Naples, Florida 2007 Steamboat Springs, Colorado
2008 Paris, France 2009 Portland, Oregon
2010 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2011 Clearwater, Florida
2012 Zurich, Switzerland 2013 New Orleans, Louisiana
2014 Seattle, Washington 2015 Denver, Colorado

References Edit

  2. Berthoud, H.-R. & Scheurink, A.J.W., "Ingestive behavior and the obesity crisis", Physiology and Behavior, 81(5): 717, 2004

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