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When meeting people or first building a good impression, it is important to have an understanding of social transactions. Social transactions are just that; transactions within a social setting that are built on anything other than money.

Not conducting the social transaction properly can leave one feeling taken advantage of, and lead into the nice guy syndrome. If you don't know how to properly conduct a transaction you may feel taken advantage of. The alternative to that is not being nice to people which may make you appear stuck up as others will try to make transactions with you.

In a social setting, there are always transactions going on. It's not necessarily based on money like the barter system, but it's a transaction just the same. Social transactions have a tendency to occur subconsciously and on the subliminal level.

Knowing how to conduct a fair transaction is the essence of relationships. Next time you're in a social setting observe how you feel about yourself. Are you getting more anxious and upset the longer you stay at the party? Chances are you are being too nice to someone who is either taking advantage of your generosity without you knowing it, or never asked for your help to begin with. On the other hand, if you're feeling avoided or unwanted chances are you have taken an unfair advantage in a subconscious transaction without knowing it. Try to find who you're being too generous with and who you're not being fair with. The balance between social transactions is the key to getting people interested in your company. They will like doing business with you when they subconsciously perceive that you are a good social business partner.

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