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Social Conditioning refers to the sociological phenomena characterized by a process of inherited tradition and gradual cultural transmutation passed down through previous generations. Manifestations of social conditioning are vast, but they are gererally categorized as social patterns and social structures.

The term is also used in many other fields i.e. history and philosophy.

See alsoEdit

  • Social theory
  • Social learning theory
  • Operant conditioning
  • Social conditioning - In the psychological sense includes all the negative and positive emotions learned through our childhood. Emotionally all of us are so conditioned that practically we are unconscious; we simply are reactive entities. During childhood we learned when to display a particular emotion, and that is what we do until we discover that we have been conditioned to self destroyed ouselves. We react, we do not use self-awareness, which is not part of the social conditioning. Social conditioning is about not having awareness and allowing the empty feelling inside to take over. Because of the social conditioning we lack awareness, without awareness we think we are the body and mind, that is all. This is sad. Isn't it?

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