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Social capabilities are the areas of social functioning identified within the theory of deep democracy associated with healthy living. Performance in these areas is underpinned by social skills and when socially valued may be considered human rights

Summary of Social Capabilities Edit

1. Being able to live to the end of a complete human life, as far as possible

2. Being able to be courageous

3. Being able to have opportunities for sexual satisfaction

4. Being able to move from place to place

5. Being able to avoid unnecessary and non-useful pain and to have pleasurable experiences

6. Being able to use the five senses

7. Being able to imagine

8. Being able to think and reason

9. Being acceptably well-informed

10. Being able to have attachments to things and persons outside ourselves

11. Being able to love, grieve, to feel longing and gratitude

12. Being able to form a conception of the good

13. Capability to choose; ability to form goals, commitments, values

14. Being able to engage in critical reflection about the planning of one’s own life

15. Being able to live for and to others, to recognize and show concern for other human beings, to engage in various forms of familial and social interaction

16. Being capable of friendship

17. Being able to visit and entertain friends

18. Being able to participate in the community

19. Being able to participate politically and being capable of justice

20. Being able to live with concern for and in relation to animals, plants and the world of nature

21. Being able to laugh, to play, to enjoy recreational activities

22. Being able to live one’s own life and nobody else’s

23. Being able to live in one’s very own surroundings and context

24. Capability to have self-respect

25. Capability to appear in public without shame

26. Capability to live a rich and fully human life, up to the limit permitted by natural possibilities

27. Ability to achieve valuable functionings


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