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Social Psychological and Personality Science  
File:Social Psychological and Personality Science Journal Front Cover.jpg
Abbreviated title (ISO) Soc. Psychol. Person. Sci.
Discipline Social psychology
Language English
Edited by Vincent Y. A. Yzerbyt
Publication details
Publisher SAGE Publications
Publication history 2010-present
Frequency Quarterly
ISSN 1948-5506 (print)
1948-5514 (web)
OCLC number Template:OCLC search link
* Journal homepage

Social Psychological and Personality Science is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal that covers research in social and personality psychology. The journal's editor-in-chief is Vincent Y. A. Yzerbyt (Catholic University of Louvain). It was established in 2010 and is currently published by SAGE Publications. The journal is jointly owned by four different societies: Association for Research in Personality, European Association of Experimental Social Psychology, Society of Experimental and Social Psychology, and Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

Abstracting and indexing Edit

Social Psychological and Personality Science is abstracted and indexed in PsycINFO and Scopus.

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