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These templates produce the sidebars you use to navigate round the site. They follow the different section headings on the Main Page.

  • Template:Browsebar - For general site pages that are not necessarily specific psychology content. This template also makes up the top part of the other templates.

1st Row of BrowsebarEdit

These 4 items are:

  • Community Portal - News and link portal for the whole project.
  • Tasks to Do - Tasks to Do portal for the whole project.
  • News - Current events and news involving the project.
  • Help - Our main help page and help contents

2nd Row of BrowsebarEdit

Subjects here are:

3rd Row of BrowsebarEdit

Subjects here are:

4th Row (Specialist templates only)Edit

These items vary from template to template, and can be updated appropriately to incorporate sub-categories for example.

See AlsoEdit

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