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Sibling incest is incest that occurs between siblings.

Tidfors et al [1] compared a group of adolescent sibling incest offenders (n=21) compared to a group of adolescent non-sibling offenders (n=24). Comparisons were made regarding variables such as family dysfunction, the offenders' prior victimization and offending behaviour. The data were collected from intake assessment reports and semi-structured interviews . The sibling incest offender group had grown up more often in dysfunctional families. Moreover, the results indicated that the offending behaviour in the sibling incest group was more severe.


  1. Inga Tideforsa, Hans Arvidssona, Sara Ingevaldsona & Michael Larssonb (2010). Sibling incest: A literature review and a clinical study. Journal of Sexual Aggression.Volume 16, Issue 3

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