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Changes in libidoEdit

Finally, one popular, but exaggerated symptom is an increase in sexual urgency, mostly between the 5th and 8th month [How to reference and link to summary or text], when hormonal changes and physical discomfort such as nausea disappear. But for some women in pregnancy reported a decrease in sexual interest, due to prolonged discomfort and psychological aspects like not feeling "attractive" to pursue sexual relations, which can be explainable on how she felt being pregnant affects their self-sense of beauty.


Once considered a socio-moral "taboo" action until the mid 20th century, but it's perfectly normal for her and a love partner to practice some type of sexual foreplay while she's in that condition. Sex during pregnancy is considerably a low risk behavior except when the physician advises her to avoid sexual intercourse, due to serious pregnancy complications or health issues like a high-risk for premature labor, a ruptured uterus or a history of difficulties in a previous childbirth.

Positive effectsEdit

Some psychological research studies in the 1980's and '90s contends it's useful for pregnant women with love partners to continue or have sexual activity, since studies find those who had sex more than once a week feel less emotionally tense, more confident in psychological aspects on their appearance, and had less painful or quickened labors as some physicians believe might be a type of pelvic exercise or find their muscles are less strained.

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