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A secondary color is a color made by mixing two primary colors in a given color space. Examples include the following:

Additive secondariesEdit

Main article: Additive color

Light (RGB)Edit

Main article: RGB color model
red (●) + green (●) = yellow (●)
green (●) + blue (●) = cyan (●)
blue (●) + red (●) = magenta (●)

Subtractive secondariesEdit

Main article: Subtractive color

Pigment (CMY)Edit

Main article: CMYK color model
cyan (●) + magenta (●) = blue (●)
magenta (●) + yellow (●) = red (●)
yellow (●) + cyan (●) = green (●)

This is often referred to as CMYK where K stands for Key (usually black). In theory, solid overlapping layers of C, M, and Y ink produce black. In reality the outcome is dirty brown unless mixed exactly evenly so the black ink replaces the other three layers. See under color removal.

Traditional painting (RYB)Edit

Main article: RYB color model
red (●) + yellow (●) = orange (●)
yellow (●) + blue (●) = green (●)
blue (●) + red (●) = violet (●)

RYB uses pigments, similar to CMY, which combine subtractively by absorbing light. Thus, combining colors using the RYB color system will result in a darker color.

See alsoEdit

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