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The '''psychological schools''' are the great classical theories of [[psychology]]. Each has been highly influential, however most [[psychologists]] hold [[eclectic]] viewpoints that combine aspects of each school.
The most influential ones are [[behaviorism]], the [[psychoanalytic school]] of [[Freud]], [[functionalism (psychology)|functionalism]], and [[cognitivism (psychology)|cognitivism]]. Here are some other schools of thought in psychology:
* [[Analytical psychology]]
* [[Association (psychology)]]
* [[Behaviorism]] (see also [[Radical behaviourism]])
* [[Berlin school]]
* [[Cognitivism (psychology)|Cognitivism]]
* [[Depth psychology]]
* [[Descriptive psychology]]
* [[Distributed cognition]]
* [[Ecological psychology]]
* [[Ego psychology]]
* [[Enactivism]]
* [[Environmental psychology]]
* [[Evolutionary psychology]]
* [[Existential psychology]]
* [[Functionalism (psychology)|Functionalism]]
* [[Genetic epistemology]]
* [[Gestalt psychology]]
* [[Graz school]]
* [[Hormic|Hormic approach]]
* [[Humanistic psychology]] and [[Phenomenology]]
* [[Individual psychology]]
* [[London School of Differential Psychology]]
* [[Object relations theory]]
* [[Phenomenological psychology]]
* [[Psychoanalysis]]
* [[Reactology]]
* [[Self (psychology)]]
* [[Soviet psychology]]
* [[Structuralism]]
* [[Symbolic interactionism]]
* [[Transactional analysis]]
* [[Transpersonal psychology]]
[[Category:Psychological schools| ]]
[[Category:Psychology lists|Psychological schools]]

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