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School counseling also known as (guidance counselling or school guidance) is provided by school counselors to meet the needs of student in four basic domains:

Knowledge, understanding and skill in these domains are developed through classroom instruction, appraisal, consultation, counseling, coordination, and collaboration. For example, in appraisal, school counselors may use a variety of personality and vocational assessment methods to help students explore vocation needs and interests.

Classroom guidance lessons are designed to be preventive in nature and include self-management and self-monitoring skills.

The Responsive Services component of the Professional School Counselor's role provides individual and/or small group counseling for students. For example, if a student's behavior is interfering with his or her achievement, the professional school counselor will observe that student in a class, provide consultation to teachers and other personnel to develop (with the student) a plan to address the behavioral issue(s), and then work together (collaboration) to implement the plan. They also help by providing consultation services to family members and can rfer on to mental health services where appropriate.

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