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The School and College Ability Test (SCAT), is a standardized test conducted in the United States, that measures math and verbal reasoning abilities.This test is for gifted children only. SCAT is a test to test your talent and to see if you are a gifted student. The schools can also recommend you to go to the CTY. It is used by the Center for Talented Youth (CTY) as an above-grade-level entrance exam for students in grades 2-6. You qualify to take this test if you get the 95th percentile or above on a standardized test. Here are the scores you need to get for the 2nd to 6th grade to go to the CTY summer courses:

  • Grade 2 >= 435 SCAT Verbal or 440 SCAT Quantitative
  • Grade 3 >= 440 SCAT Verbal or 445 SCAT Quantitative
  • Grade 4 >= 445 SCAT Verbal or 455 SCAT Quantitative
  • Grade 5 >= 455 SCAT Verbal or 465 SCAT Quantitative
  • Grade 6 >= 465 SCAT Verbal or 485 SCAT Quantitative
  • Grade 6 is part of middle school although appearing in many elementary programs

Some two year colleges require it for students who don't have a high school diploma.

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