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Schiller International University is a private, for-profit American university with eight campuses in six countries. They are located in London, England; Paris and Strasbourg, France; Madrid, Spain; Heidelberg, Germany; Leysin and Engelberg, Switzerland; and Largo, Florida. SIU offers Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degrees in a number of areas.

Founded in 1964 by Dr. Walter Leibrecht as a study abroad program for Americans in Germany, it now provides undergraduate and graduate education to students from over 100 countries. Most Schiller campuses are in or near major cities offering abundant cultural opportunities in which students are actively encouraged to participate. The University is unique in that it gives students the opportunity to transfer from one campus to another, from one country to another, remaining in the same university without loss of time or credit.


In the United States, SIU is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, an accrediting body authorized by the Secretary of Education to accredit private post secondary institutions offering programs for careers or professions where business applications or doctrines, supervisory or management techniques, professional or paraprofessional applications, and other business-related applications support or constitute the career. The University is not regionally accredited.

Schiller International SchoolsEdit

SIU owns two Schiller International Schools (SIS), American-style college preparatory schools that offer secondary education. Both permit students to take some years at partner high schools in Europe.

The Florida high school campus was physically moved from Dunedin to New Port Richey on July 24, 2006. All Florida SIS classes will be taught at the Genesis Preparatory School in New Port Richey beginning with the 2006-2007 school year.

  • SIS in Barcelona, Spain offers college preparatory high school, grades 7 through 12.
  • SIS in New Port Richey, Florida (Genesis Preparatory School) offers college preparatory high school, grades 9 through 12.

Schiller Association in IndiaEdit

Schiller has an association with Aegis School of Business and Telecommunication based in Mumbai (India). Students can combine study at Aegis Mumbai and Schiller, earning the degrees MBA, MBA IT, MIM and MA in communication. *Aegis School of Business

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