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The role of the clinical supervisor in clinical supervision varies with the specific therapeutic approach being supervised. But Generally speaking supervisors are expected to:

  • Attend promptly all arranged Supervision sessions.
  • Contribute to setting the agenda for Supervision.
  • Establish a safe environment in which professional and practice issues may be explored.
  • Assist the supervisee in clarifying, exploring, thinking, reflecting on feelings and perceptions underlying their work practice.
  • Give clear concise and constructive feedback where appropriate.
  • Facilitate appropriate information, experience and skill sharing.
  • Challenge unhelpful assumptions and attitudes that may influence practice.
  • Establish other factors that may impact on the supervisee’s work including working relationships with colleagues or personal circumstances within the scope of personal and professional boundaries.
  • Challenge all practice that is considered unethical or incompetent using the profession’s code of conduct/practice and the philosophies, policies and procedures of the organization they work for.
  • Be aware of organisational and political constraints.
  • Encourage the supervisee to take up issues with others where appropriate and to offer support.
  • Ensure that issues related to adult and child protection are embedded in professional practice and supervision.
  • Monitor that the supervisee is coping with their clinical workload and address issue of burnout etc. as required.
  • Where appropriate to record the agreed outcomes/recommendations of the Supervision session.
  • To undertake supervision training as appropriate to ensure their competency.

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