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Dr. Robert Evan Ornstein (1942- ) is a psychologist, writer, has been professor at Stanford University, and chairman of the Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge (ISHK).


Ornstein has been involved in reconciling the scientific understanding of mind and consciousness with other scientific and cultural traditions. He has written on the brain's role in health in The Healing Brain with David Sobel of Kaiser Permanente; the way in which human consciouness is unable to understand the fast paced modern world in New World New Mind: Moving Toward Conscious Evolution with Paul Ehrlich; and the way in which our current consciousness has developed in The Axemaker’s Gift, with James Burke the science historian. He worked to reconcile the wisdom traditions of the east and science in The Psychology of Consciousness and is interested in promoting the modern Sufism of Idries Shah.[1] Shah and Ornstein met in the 1960s.[1] Realizing that Ornstein could be an ideal partner in propagating his teachings, translating them into the idiom of psychotherapy, Shah made him his deputy in the United States.[1] Ornstein's The Psychology of Consciousness (1972) was enthusiastically received by the academic psychology community, as it coincided with new interests in the field, such as the study of biofeedback and other techniques designed to achieve shifts in mood and awareness.[1] Ornstein's book The Right Mind deals with split-brain studies and other experiments or clinical evidence revealing the abilities of the right cerebral hemisphere.


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