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British academic Robert H. Thouless (?-1984[1]) is best known as the author of Straight and Crooked Thinking (1953), which describes flaws in reasoning and argument.



He was a lecturer in psychology at Manchester, Glasgow, and the University of Cambridge.

He wrote on psychic phenomena, not as an advocate but describing a scientific approach to studying something which is not known with certainty to exist. His own experiments did not confirm the results of J.B. Rhine[dubious] and he criticised the experimental protocols of previous experimenters. He is credited with introducing the word "psi" as a neutral term for parapsychological phenomena in a 1942 article in the British Journal of Psychology.[1]



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  1. Thouless, Robert H. (1942:July), "Experiments on paranormal guessing", British Journal of Psychology (British Psychological Society) 33 (1): 15–27 

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