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Rethink is the largest severe mental illness charity in the UK. As of 2 July 2002 'Rethink' is the new operating name for the National Schizophrenia Fellowship.


Amongst its recent campaigns Rethink has urged the then Home Secretary Charles Clarke to look at the mental health risks of cannabis, rather than "fiddle with its legal status". Cannabis was downgraded from a Class B to a Class C drug in 2004, making most cases of possession non-arrestable, however Rethink wants government support for new research into the relationship between severe mental illness and cannabis.[1]

Rethink was also in the public eye when it criticised Big Brother series 7 for placing vulnerable people into the house, saying “The programme should not profit from people having a breakdown.”[2]


Rethink was criticised for a statue it commissioned of Sir Winston Churchill in a straitjacket and unveiled in The Forum building in Norwich on 11 March 2006. The statue was designed to highlight the stigma of mental health problems but was accused by figures like Sir Patrick Cormack of being an insult to both the former prime minister and to those with mental health problems.[3]

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