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Research in Learning Technology is a quarterly open access peer-reviewed academic journal covering research in learning technology. The current editors-in-chief are Frances Bell (University of Salford), Lesley Gourlay (University of London), and Steven Verjans (Open University, Netherlands). Research in Learning Technology is published by the Association for Learning Technology in partnership with Co-Action Publishing.


The Journal of the Association for Learning Technology was established in July 1993 under the name ALT-J by the University of Wales Press. From January 2004 until December 2011 it was published by Taylor & Francis. The journal changed its name from ALT-J - Research in Learning Technology to Research in Learning Technology - The Journal of the Association for Learning Technology in January 2011. It increased its publication frequency from three times per year to four in January 2012. Past editors have been Rhona Sharpe, Gabriel Jacobs, David Squires, Gráinne Conole, Martin Oliver, and Jane Seale.

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