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Ralph Wilbur Hood (born 1942) is a professor of psychology at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.


He received his BS at University of California, Los Angeles, an MS at California State College at Los Angeles (1966), and a PhD at University of Nevada, Reno (1968).[1]

He has published numerous articles on the psychology of religion and spirituality in professional journals,[1] and is a former editor of the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (1995–1999), and has been coeditor of The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion (1992–1995) and Archiv für Religionpsychologie (2005–).[2] He has won numerous awards.[2]


Books authored or edited by Hood include

  • Spilka, Bernard; Ralph W. Hood & Richard L. Gorsuch (1985). The psychology of religion: An empirical approach, 1st, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall.
Several subsequent editions of this book have been published, including:

His more influential journal articles include:


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