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RQDA is an R package for computer assisted qualitative data analysis or CAQDAS. It is installable from, and runs within, the R system, but has a separate window running a graphical user interface (through RGtk2).

In the graphical interface it has the following functions:

  • Import documents from plain text
  • Support non-English documents, Simplified Chinese Character is well-tested under Windows
  • Support character-level coding
  • Memos for documents, codes, coding, project, files etc.
  • Retrieve coding, and easily gets back to the original file. Conditional retrieval is supported as well.
  • Single-file (*.rqda) format, which is basically the SQLite database
  • Categorize codes (tree-like categories are avoided)
  • Categorize files
  • Search files by keywords and can highlight keyword in the open file
  • Show attributes of files, which is useful for content analysis
  • Categorise cases and related attributes of cases (to bridge qualitative and quantitative research)
  • Search information about selected cases from the web
  • Rename files, codes, code categories, cases etc.
  • Write and organize fieldwork journals

Through use of R functions, it can:

  • Import a batch of files
  • Calculate the relation between two codings, given the coding indexes
  • Give a summary of coding and inter-code relationship.
  • Export file/case attributes and show subset of files/cases.
  • Allow for more flexible conditional retrieval.
  • Boolean operations of and, or and not.

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