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Bone: Pterygopalatine fossa
Left maxillary sinus opened from the exterior.
Articulation of left palatine bone with maxilla.
Latin fossa pterygopalatina
Gray's subject #41 166
Dorlands/Elsevier f_14/12376574

The pterygopalatine fossa is a fossa in the skull.


It has the following boundaries:


The following passages connect the fossa with other parts of the skull:

Direction Passage Connection
Posteriorly foramen rotundum middle cranial fossa
Posteriorly pterygoid canal (Vidian) middle cranial fossa, foramen lacerum
Posteriorly palatovaginal canal (pharyngeal) nasal cavity/nasopharynx
Anteriorly inferior orbital fissure orbit
Medially sphenopalatine foramen nasal cavity
Laterally pterygomaxillary fissure infratemporal fossa
Inferiorly greater palatine canal (pterygopalatine) oral cavity, lesser palatine canals


The pterygopalatine fossa contains

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