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This is a list of relevant Psychology Newsgroups, if you know a newsgroup that has not been added to this list, please add it to improve our records. We need to contact these groups to promote the cause of the Psychology Wiki as well.

alt.psychology newsgoupsEdit

  • alt.psychology
  • alt.psychology.dramatherapy
  • [FAQ]
  • alt.psychology.jung
  • alt.psychology.nlp
  • alt.psychology.personality
  • alt.psychology.psychoanalysis
  • alt.psychology.transpersonal

comp. newsgroupsEdit

  • - Philosophical aspects of Artificial Intelligence. Usenet
  • comp.cog-eng - join Cognitive engineering. Usenet

sci.psychology newsgroupsEdit

  • sci.psychology.consciousness - On the nature of consciousness. (Moderated)Usenet
  • sci.psychology.misc [FAQ]
  • sci.psychology.personality
  • sci.psychology.psychotherapy [FAQ]
  • sci.psychology.psychotherapy.moderated (moderated)
  • sci.psychology.research (moderated)
  • sci.psychology.theory
  • *sci.cognitive at google forums

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