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Riordan & Hoffer: Ascorbate Dosages for Effective Cure

The Book: BAD BEHAVIOR AND "ILLNESS" ARE CAUSED BY BIOCHEMICAL IMBALANCES: Nutrients such as Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Enzymes give Biochemical Balance

by Ronald C. Dishinger

“Dr. Abram Hoffer once had a patient with schizophrenia who he had given 45,000mg daily [oral] vitamin C… When he brought her back to 40,000mg all of her problems started all over again-so he took her back to 45,000mg and all her problems were gone again. He left her at 45,000mg and she left the hospital and he told her to always stay at 45,000mg daily forever. She did.

“Dr. Hugh Riordan …had a patient taking IV vitamin C and the patient had a blood test every 40 minutes to check his levels. During the several hours of IV they knew how much vitamin C they put in but their figures of what should be in the body did not [even] come close to that. ….So that old philosophy of which nutrient, what dose, and how long is paramount to lessening disease. With saturation we are talking about the dose. With how long, it is so variable, that it really has no answer. Yes we know from Dr, Klenner that in some cases he saw his huge doses of vitamin C work in minutes. Someone with venom from an Eastern diamond-back rattlesnake bite could literally see the person in front of him come back to life. Some could not even talk and had massive neurological problems. So in that case the choice of the nutrient was vitamin C and the dose as far as Klenner was concerned "until the person was well" Sometimes it was within a minute and some times four days. Klenner kept up with vitamin C doses and even increased [intake] many times until there was complete human function again.

Vitamin C is metabolized and rapidly excreted. Therefore as an antioxident, the intake must be proportional to the degree of inflammation and for as long as the oxides are being generated. Very high levels are administerd by IV or injection. Vitamin C has a powerful anti-toxin effect, neutralizes plant, insect, and animal toxins, reverses carbon monoxide and barbituate poisoning, and provides rapid recovery from the lethargy associated with toxic shock.

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