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Psychological Types is the title of the sixth volume in the Princeton / Bollingen edition of the Collected Works of Carl Jung.[1] The original German language edition, "Psychologische Typen", was first published by Rascher Verlag, Zurich in 1921.[2] In the book Jung categorized people into primary types of psychological function.

Jung proposed four main functions of consciousness:

The functions are modified by two main attitude types: extraversion and introversion. Jung theorized that the dominant function characterizes consciousness, while its opposite is repressed and characterizes unconscious behavior.

The eight psychological types are as follows:

  • Extraverted sensation
  • Introverted sensation
  • Extraverted intuition
  • Introverted intuition
  • Extraverted thinking
  • Introverted thinking
  • Extraverted feeling
  • Introverted feeling

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Many theories of personality have been developed from ancient to modern times. These include:

Other theories:

Theories based on the ancient Greek theory of 4 humors:

General overview:


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