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Psychiagenia (or TOP : theory of psychiagenia) is a theoretical concept in the field of philosophy of mind.

According to TOP, mind and brain are the manifestations of the same inderlying reality, a 'common root', called psychiagenia. This monist theory was developped by belgian essayist Ivan O. Godfroid as a reaction to dualism and materialism.


  • I.O. Godfroid : Placebo II. Psychiagenia and the brain organization. Ann. Med.-Psychol. (Paris) 156 (2): 108-114, 1998
  • I.O. Godfroid : Psychiagenia: A Gauge Theory for the Mind-Brain Problem. NeuroQuantology 2003; 2: 189-199.[1]
  • I.O. Godfroid : From TOP (theory of psychiagenia) to TOE (theory of everything). NeuroQuantology 2003; 3: 368-369.[2]

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