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Artery: Posterior cerebral artery
Outer surface of cerebral hemisphere, showing areas supplied by cerebral arteries.
Circle of Willis en
The arterial circle and arteries of the brain. The posterior cerebral arteries (middle of figure) arise from the basilar artery.
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Supplies occipital lobe of cerebrum
From basilar artery
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In human anatomy, the posterior cerebral artery is the blood vessel that supplies oxygenated blood to the posterior aspect of the brain (occipital lobe). It arises from the basilar artery and connects with the ipsilateral middle cerebral artery and internal carotid artery via the posterior communicating artery.

The branches of the posterior cerebral artery are divided into two sets, ganglionic and cortical:

Ganglionic branchesEdit

  • The postero-medial ganglionic branches are a group of small arteries which arise at the commencement of the posterior cerebral artery: these, with similar branches from the posterior communicating, pierce the posterior perforated substance, and supply the medial surfaces of the thalami and the walls of the third ventricle.
  • The postero-lateral ganglionic branches are small arteries which arise from the posterior cerebral artery after it has turned around the cerebral peduncle; they supply a considerable portion of the thalamus.

Cortical branchesEdit

The cortical branches are:

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