"Playing doctor" is a phrase used colloquially in the western world to refer to children examining each other's genitals.[1] It originates from children using the pretend roles of doctor and patient as a pretext for such an examination. Nevertheless, whether or not such role playing is actually involved, the phrase is still used to refer to any similar examination.[2][3][4][5][6]

Playing doctor is considered by most child psychologists to be a normal step in childhood sexual development between the ages of approximately three and six years, although it can be a source of discomfort to some parents, when they discover their children are engaging in such an activity.[7] Parenting professionals often advise parents to view such a discovery as an opportunity to calmly teach their children about the differences between the sexes, the importance of modesty, and respecting the privacy and bodies of other children.[4]

Adults also use the phrase facetiously in similar reference, to refer to adult sexual activity.[8]

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