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Pink Therapy is the title of a trilogy of books [1] published by [Open University Press][2] and edited by Dominic Davies and Charles Neal.

Pink Therapy is also the leading British independent therapy organisation to specialise in working with Sexual Minority clients. It's founder and sole director Dominic Davies started the organisation in 2000 by inviting some of the leading figures in British sexual minority therapy to become Clinical Associates. These individials were all people who had made substantive contributions to the literature in the field and had been involved in teaching and training others for many years.

The original Clinical Associatates were Alison Elgar, James Gray, Deidre Haslam, Graham Perlman, Damian McCann Charles Neal and Keith Silvester. They were joined the following year by Suzie Reindorp and Cloud Taylor.

Alison Elgar emigrated to Perth with her family, Suzie Reindorp died after a tremendous fight with cancer and Graham Perlman retired in 2004 due to ill health.

The current Clinical Associate team in alphabetical order is: Catherine Butler, Fedja Dalagia Leah Davidson, Tim Foskett, Deirdre Haslam, Anthony Johnson, Damian McCann, Havva Mustafa, Charles Neal, Keith Silvester, Judy Yellin, Christopher Whiteley

The Pink Therapy website: [3]also host the Directory of Pink Therapists a national listing of around 250 qualified and experienced counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists of every gender and sexual identity and theoretical orientation who work in a non-pathologising (affirmative) stance.

They run an extensive programme of training workshops including having pioneered the Europe's first specialist professional training in Sexual Minority Therapy: One year, Post Qualifying Certificate in Sexual Minority Therapy.


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