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Physician Self Designated Practice Codes in the United StatesEdit

Physicians in the United States report their primary and secondary practice specialty via American Medical Association surveys, the AMA Online Data Collection Center and other data collection vehicles. Although studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Bureau of Health professions show that most self-designated practice specialties are consistent with physicians' graduate medical training and/or board certification, a self-designated specialty does not warranty special skill to practice in that specialty.


AMA Specialty Codes
SpecialtyCode Specialty
A Allergy
ADL Adolescent Medicine
ADM Addiction Medicine
ADP Addiction Psychiatry
AI Allergy Immunology
AM Aerospace Medicine
AMI Adolescent Medicine
AN Anesthesiology
APM Anesthesiology Pain
AR Abdominal Radiology
AS Abdominal Surgery
ATP Anatomic Pathology
BBK Blood Banking
BMG Biochemical Genetics
CFS Craniofacial
CG Clinical Genetics
CHN Child Neurology
CHP Child Psychiatry
CLP Clinical Pathology
CN Clinical Neurology
CPP Pediatric Physician
CRS Colon-Rectal Surgery
D Dermatology
DIA Diabetes
DMP Dermatopathology
DR Diagnostic Radiology
DS Dermatology
EM Emergency Medicine
EMP Pediatric EM
END Endocrinology
EP Epidemiology
ETX Medical Toxicology
FLX Flex Residents
FOP Forensic Pathology
FP Family Practice
GE Gastroenterology
GO Gynecology Oncology
GP General Practice
GS General Surgery
GYN Gynecology
HEM Hematology
HEP Hepatology
HMP Hematology Pathology
HO Hematology Oncology
HS Hand
HSP Hand Surgery Plastic
HSS Surgery Hand Surgery
ID Infectious Diseases
IFP IM / Family Practice
IG Immunology
IM Internal Medicine
IMG Geriatrics
LM Legal Medicine
MDM Medical Management
MG Medical Genetics
MM Medical Microbiology
N Neurology
NEP Nephrology
NM Nuclear Medicine
NO Otology-Neurology
NP Neuropathology
NR Nuclear Radiology
NS Neurologic Surgery
NTR Nutrition
OBS Obstetrics
ON Oncology
OPH Ophthalmology
ORS Orthopedic Surgery
OS Other Specialty
OSS Orthopedics, Spine
OT Otology
OTO Otorhinolaryngology
OTR Orthopedics, Trauma
P Psychiatry
PAN Anesthesiology
PCH Pathology Chemical
PD Pediatrics
PDA Pediatric Allergy
PDC Pediatric Cardiology
PDP Pediatric Pulmonary
PDR Pediatric Radiology
PDS Pediatric Surgery
PFP Forensic Psychiatry
PH Public Health
PHM Pharmaceutical Med
PIP Immunopathology
PLM Palliative Medicine
PMD Pain Medicine
PMM Sports Medicine (PM)
PN Pediatric Nephrology
PP Pediatric Pathology
PRO Proctology
PS Plastic Surgery
PSM Pediatric Sports Med
PTH Pathology
PUD Pulmonary Diseases
PYA Psychoanalysis
PYN Psych / Neurology
R Radiology
RHU Rheumatology
RNR Neuroradiology
RO Radiation Oncology
SCI Spinal Cord Injury
SM Sleep Medicine
SO Surgical Oncology
SP Selective Pathology
TRS Traumatic Surgery
TS Thoracic Surgery
TTS Transplant
U Urologic Surgery
UM Undersea Medicine
UP Pediatric Urology
US Unspecified
VM Vascular Medicine
VS Vascular Surgery

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