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Philip Lawrence Harriman was an American psychologist who taught at Bucknell University.

In 1946 he published "Twentieth Century Psychologists" which comprises thirty-nine articles by representative psychologists in a broad variety of fields

In 1947 he published one of the early dictionaries of psychology.

He also produced works on psychology for nurses and a dictionary of Greek psychological terms.


  • P.L. Harriman (1947). Dictionary of Psychology. Philosophical Library. New York.
  • P.L. Harriman (1946) (ed). Twentieth Century Psychology: with the assistance of G. L. Freeman, G. W. Hartmann, Kurt Lewin, A. H. Maslow, and C. E. Skinner. New York: The Philosophical Library, 1946. 712 pp.[
  • Modern psychology. 3 editions - first published in 1956
  • Handbook of psychological terms. 3 editions - first published in 1965
  • The new dictionary of psychology. 1 edition - first published in 1947
  • Psychology in nursing practice. 1 edition - first published in 1942

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