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This is a demonstration page.Dont take offence if you are not involved in the PhD experience this was written for one of my trainees who was!!!

If you think you have this disorder and are in the final year of doing a PhD thesis then you definitely have it.

If you think you have this disorder and are not doing a PhD then you really don't know that you've been born. See Malingering

PhDitis: Definition A severe chronic stress disorder afflicting those working in the higher reaches of academia.

PhDitis: Description There are two distinct forms:


  • Those who spend arduous years struggling to get their PhDs, who become tired of being "professional students" but who can't quite finish up the final hurdles towards achieving their degree. Symptoms include discouragement, self-doubt, the desire to give up and bake bagels or plant flowers instead -- anything hands-on, practical, satisfying in a physical, emotional, and/or spiritual way or these, of course, the cure is the happy day of completion...or heading to the bakery or garden!


  • Those who HAVE their PhDs and would like to chuck them out the window because either they can't find jobs in their field or they've spent so long in their field that they'd like to do something entirely different for a change. Symptoms include restlessness, frustration, and a wry realization that their undeniably brilliant accomplishments are only one possible approach to life and hard on any one thing!). The cure depends on the person finding what s/he realy wants and needs to do NOW.

Acknowledgements to Dr Ezra [1]

This is a fictional disorder of stress

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phditis and stress

PhDitis: History of the disorder The disorder has been known for many years since the establishment of the PhD programme. The first PhD, Dr Iamso Exhausted ThatIcanbarelythink fell into obscurity after his accomplishment, although he was a subject in Rats (1678) study of burnout[1].


  1. Kiff, J.A xxxxxxxx

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