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Peroxisomal disorder
ICD-9 277.86
OMIM [1]
DiseasesDB [2]
MedlinePlus [3]
eMedicine neuro/309
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Peroxisomal disorders are a class of conditions which lead to disorders of lipid metabolism.

Zellweger syndromeEdit

A deficiency in the protein import can lead to empty peroxisomes, leading to abnormalities in the brain, called Zellweger syndrome. A deficiency in the peroxin Pex2 has shown to be responsible for one form of the syndrome. A milder inherited disease is caused by a defective receptor for the N-terminal import signal. Deficiency of the formation of plasmalogens can also cause severe brain disorders, leading to neurological disease.

Other peroxisomal disordersEdit

Other examples of peroxisomal disorders include:

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