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Hildegard Peplau developed a model of nurse-client relationship or nurse patient interaction

Peplau's model has proved of great use to later nurse theorists and clinicians in developing more sophisticated and therapeutic nursing interventions

Peplau's Six Nursing Roles Edit

Peplau's Six Nursing Roles illustrate the dynamic character roles typical to clinical nursing.

  1. Stranger role: Receives the client the same way one meets a stranger in other life situations; provides an accepting climate that builds trust.
  2. Resource role: Answers questions, interprets clinical treatment data, gives information.
  3. Teaching role: Gives instructions and provides training; involves analysis and synthesis of the learner's experience.
  4. Counseling role: Helps client understand and integrate the meaning of current life circumstances; provides guidance and encouragement to make changes.
  5. Surrogate role: Helps client clarify domains of dependence, interdependence, and independence and acts on clients behalf as advocate.
  6. Active leadership: Helps client assume maximum responsibility for meeting treatment goals in a mutually satisfying way.
  7. Technical expert role: Provides physical care by displaying clinical skills; Operates equipments

Peplau's Developmental Stages of the Nurse-Client Relationship Edit

1. Orientation Phase
2. Working Phase
-Identification Phase
-Exploitation Phase
3. Termination / Resolution Phase

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