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Patrick Rabbit is a British psychologist working in the area of cognitive gerontology. He worked at the Medical Research Council Applied Research Unit, Cambridge (1961-1968); The Department of Experimental Psychology and The Queen's College, University of Oxford, (1968 TO 1982) was Head of Department odf Psychology, University of Durham, (1982-1983) and was Research Professor and Director of the Age and Cognitive Performance Research Centre, University of Manchester (1983-2004) Emeritus 2004., Member of the European Academy 2013.

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Book ChaptersEdit

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  • Rabbitt, P. & Anderson, M. (2006) The Lacunae of loss and differentiation of cognitive abilities in old age. In Craik and Bialostok, (eds) Lifespan Cognition.

Total to date 353 :since 2000Edit

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  • Rabbitt, P. (2011). Between-Individual Variability and Interpretation of Associations Between Neurophysiological and Behavioral Measures in Aging Populations:Comment on Salthouse (2011).Psychological Bulletin, August 2011.

Junior author publicationsEdit

  • Ram,N Rabbitt,P Stollery,B Nesselroade,JR. Cognitive performance inconsistency: Intraindividual change and variability. 2005, PSYCHOLOGY AND AGING vol.20.
  • Payton,A Gibbons,L Davidson,Y Ollier,W Rabbitt,P Worthington,J Pickles,A Pendleton,N Horan,M. Influence of serotonin transporter gene polymorphisms on cognitive decline and cognitive abilities in a nondemented elderly population. 2005, MOLECULAR PSYCHIATRY vol.10.
  • Miyajima,F Ollier,W Mayes,A Jackson,A Thacker,N Rabbitt,P Pendleton,N Horan,M Payton,A. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor polymorphism Val66Met influences cognitive abilities in the elderly. 2008, GENES BRAIN AND BEHAVIOR vol.7.
  • Lind,PA Luciano,M Horan,MA Marioni,RE Wright,MJ Bates,TC Rabbitt,P Harris,SE Davidson,Y Deary,IJ Gibbons,L Pickles,A Ollier,W Pendleton,N Price,JF Payton,A Martin,NG. No Association Between Cholinergic Muscarinic Receptor 2 (CHRM2) Genetic Variation and Cognitive Abilities in Three Independent Samples. 2009, BEHAVIOR GENETICS vol.39. </span></p>

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