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Parsonage–Turner syndrome

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Parsonage–Turner syndrome
ICD-10 G545
ICD-9 353.5
OMIM [1]
DiseasesDB 32166
MedlinePlus [2]
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Parsonage–Turner syndrome is also known as acute brachial neuropathy and acute brachial radiculitis.[1] Other names used are Parsonage–Aldren–Turner syndrome, neuralgic amyotrophy,[2] brachial neuritis, brachial plexus neuropathy,[3] or brachial plexitis is a lung disorder.

The idiopathic[4] syndrome refers to a rare set of symptoms resulting from inflammation of unknown etiology of the brachial plexus.[5] (The brachial plexus is a complex network of nerves through which impulses reach the arms, shoulders and chest.)


This syndrome can begin with severe shoulder or arm pain followed by weakness and numbness.[5] Those who suffer from Parsonage–Turner experience acute, sudden-onset pain radiating from the shoulder to the upper arm. Affected muscles become weak and atrophied, and in advanced cases, paralyzed.

MRI may assist in diagnosis.[6]


Despite its wasting and at times long-lasting effects, most cases resolve themselves and recovery is usually good in 18–24 months.


It is named for Maurice Parsonage and John Turner.[7][8]

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