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parathyroid hormone receptor 1
Symbol(s): PTHR1 PTHR
Locus: 3 p22 -p21.1
EC number [1]
EntrezGene 5745
OMIM 168468
RefSeq NM_000316
UniProt Q03431
parathyroid hormone receptor 2
Symbol(s): PTHR2
Locus: 2 q33
EC number [2]
EntrezGene 5746
OMIM 601469
RefSeq NM_005048
UniProt P49190

There are two known parathyroid hormone receptors in mammals termed PTH1R and PTH2R. These receptors are members of the 7 transmembrane G protein-coupled family of receptors.[1]


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  4. Usdin TB, Bonner TI, Hoare SR (2002). The parathyroid hormone 2 (PTH2) receptor. Recept. Channels 8 (3-4): 211–8.

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