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Pansexuality (sometimes referred to as Omnisexuality) is a sexual orientation, distinct from bisexuality and characterized by a potential aesthetic attraction, romantic love and/or sexual desire for anybody, including those people who do not fit into the gender binary of male/female implied by bisexual attraction. It is sometimes described as the capacity to love a person romantically, irrespective of gender. Some pansexuals also claim that gender and sex are meaningless to them.

Romance and attraction

Pansexuals favor romance, and consider any act acceptable as long as it is consensual. Pansexuals may be attracted to almost any form of romance, and may be aroused by almost any act of sex on a carnal level (as opposed to, for example, people of other sexualities repulsed by the idea of vaginal sex or anal sex).

It has also been claimed that pansexuality refers not to a metaphysical order of attraction to other human beings but rather, a more carnal attraction to sexual acts in general and irrespective of gender.

Pansexuality is more accurately described by its adepts: human or person oriented.

A pansexual person is primarily attracted by a person's way of expressing their sexuality or gender identity. For some pansexuals, biological sex is a secondary factor; something that will be discovered if and when sexual interaction takes place.


Despite a pansexual's fluidity of sexuality, some may have a preference. A pansexual may be attracted to all genders and sexes, but have a preference, for example: for transexual men,other pansexuals, butch lesbians, intersexed persons, etc.

Additionally, many persons who identify as pansexual may associate with people of all sexual orientations but are not necessarily interested in sex with people of all sexes or genders though they may be comfortable with public displays of affection (PDAs) or semi-public sexual activity which is not confined to their own sexual orientation. [1]

Confusion with other sexualities

Few pansexuals will identify as Queer while most will not. Many do not identify as gay, but feel most comfortable with the term 'pansexual'. Pansexuals are often mistaken as gay, queer, lesbian, and often as heterosexual.

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  • For Pansexuality see worlds largest website on Human Sexology [2] . Click LINKS and Sexual orientation.

For the Theory and the Philosophy of Pansexuality see: , approved and published by the EFS (European Federation of Sexology)

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